Kay the Criminal Science Major
Visiting a Friend

Kay graciously thanked the woman at the visitors’ desk as she handed him a pass with Percival’s room number scribbled at the top. Following her instructions, he went down the hall to where the elevators were, got in the next elevator that was going up, and tried not to fidget too much as the lift carried him up to the fourth floor. From there, he just followed the signs until he reached room 412. He stopped just outside the room where he couldn’t be seen from inside and took a deep breath. Delight and anxiety swirled in his chest. He wasn’t entirely sure what he would see this time or how Percival would be doing, but his friend was still alive. Kay didn’t know what he would have done if Percival hadn’t pulled through. Losing a friend was agonizing under normal circumstances, and Kay was seeing more and more how many abnormalities surrounded him.

Kay exhaled and did his best to leave his worries out in the hall. This was about Percival, not him.

"Hey, Percy!" greeted Kay loudly with a wide grin on his face. "Sorry I didn’t bring you flowers. I couldn’t figure out which ones you’d like best." Hopefully, Percival would take the declaration as it was: a lighthearted joke.